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Overseas/U.K. Postage

Please note that sending goods overseas is now very expensive & we are having to revise our rates for orders of £10 and over.
The cost of shipping overseas will be the total cost of your items and UK shipping, PLUS extra to bring it up to 30% SHIPPING.
If you order from the website, at checkout it will automatically calculate the U.K. Shipping Costs, (It will be a percentage of the total order as below)

0.01 - 9.99 pay 40% Postage
10.00 - 24.99 pay 18% postage
25.00 -74.99 12% postage
75.00 - 149.99 pay 8% postage
150 - Upwards & pay 7% Postage

So if you are Overseas and your goods total came to (say) 25.00, plus the normal U.K. Postage Rate (12% on this amount, added at checkout), the total would be  £28.00  (£25.00 + 12% = 28.00)
For Overseas, an extra 18% postage must be added (18% plus 12% = 30%) and this would make the total  £33.04  (£28.00 + 18% = 33.04)

Overseas Shipping on a 25.00 purchase would be  8.04  (£33.04 - £25.00)
We would then send you a request for payment for the extra  5.04  (£33.04 - £28.00)

For your security, included in your shipping charge would be a request for signature upon delivery plus tracking.
We would send the goods to you upon receipt of the Extra amount, that makes up the total shipping charge to 30%
Don't forget that:
which will usually match or exceed the value of the postage.


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