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Mak Magic

Many people ask us about the MAK MAGIC range. Before we started dealing with them, I already knew that the company was a very established company going way back when, under the banner of U.F. Grant, (a very famous performer/inventor of magic). He was in fact a real pioneer, both in the invention and marketing of magic, I understand that he would invent two or three tricks a day, write up the instructions, and store them in cigar tins, when he died there was over a thousand tricks! He supplied to many of the top magicians of the day. After his death his daughter took over the business, her name being Mary Anne King thus MAK MAGIC was born! It continues to run as a family business, to this day.

I firmly believe that the MAK wooden and metal props are amongst the best you can find. Sometimes (and I know from experience!) you buy a prop and the first thing you want to do is to get it remade but BETTER! This is definitely not the case with MAK's own make items. The market place now is very geared up towards close up magic, there's nothing wrong with that, and we stock plenty of it! BUT we also stock more STAGE and CABARET items for the discerning Professional. Check out the MAK range of magic, you'll be impressed! We're very proud to be associated with them. Please click MAK MAGIC to see the range, then order from us, for a fast and efficient service.

Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc.

About MURPHY'S MAGIC SUPPLIES: When we first started the business, Murphy's in the States was our main supplier. Again a huge range of magic, supplying dealers all over the world. They, like Mak's have a great website, and invite all magicians to visit their site, and then as they say "Order from your favourite magic dealer" We HOPE you will order from us! We may already have the items you require! Mike Danata's Magic Studio are proud to partner up with Murphy's Magic Supplies. We have a huge number of satisfied customers, so why not join them now!! Please click Murphy's Magic to see the range, then order from us, for a fast and efficient service.

We continue to get more and more busy, especially with the mail order. but our aim is to see more and more of you in the Studio, so to this aim we will hold some very special offers in the Studio. No we won't tell you what they are, you'll have to come and find out!! So come along and ask for the special offers, it's as easy as that! We are here 8am-1pm and again 5pm-7pm every day but Weds and Sundays.

Mark Townsend

Mark Townsend is an unusual guy!

Mark is a Priest, a Magician, & a Writer. Mark is also a friend of mine, & I am indeed honoured to represent some of his effects, exclusively through the Studio. (check out our Exclusives page)

Mark takes very seriously his quest to bring "Wonderment" back into peoples lives. I think you will find both Mark & his website interesting! which is why I have included a link here.

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