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About Us


The shop
Mike Danata's Magic Studio opened in June 2001, at 121(a) Palmerston Road, in the Boscombe area of Bournemouth, on the south coast of the UK. A small studio with a lot of stock!! Slightly off the beaten track, but actually only a few minutes walk from McDonalds in the main high street, with on street parking outside.
The studio is also only a few minutes away from Bournemouth Central Railway/Coach Station.

Stocking 1000's of items including TRICKS - VIDEOS - DVD'S - BOOKS - ACCESSORIES etc. If we don't have what you require, we'll try our best to get it for you. We also have in stock many lines that are EXCLUSIVE to us!! with many new and exciting items on the way!


We are happy to demonstrate many of the items that we sell, but because of the sheer quantity of tricks that we stock we cannot demonstrate them all!! (we just don't have time to learn every single one!). We do however check every item that we sell, so we can always talk you through any items that we don't demonstrate. We can tell you whether it's easy or hard, and roughly what's going on, regarding what you have to learn. We want you to be happy with your purchase, and will always help as much as we possibly can.

In the Beginning:

Mike first became interested in Magic at the age of nine, when he had a magic set for Christmas. He dreamed of becoming a professional magician, this dream came true when he was twenty two years of age. For six years he toured the world, until he contracted a rare lung disease from the doves that he used in his act, and for a few years gave it all up.

The Comeback:

In 1991, however, he made a comeback at Weymouth Pavilion, in a show which he starred in and produced himself to much critical acclaim, called "Seeing Is Believing" Mike was back on the road again! Cruise work followed and many TV appearances etc. It was in the "Seeing Is Believing Show" that Mike sang in the show for the first time (although in his late teens he did a one off T.V. show as "Britains Only Singing Magician", so the idea had been toyed with!) and many people pointed out an amazing similarity in his voice to that of Barry Manilow, and yet another career evolved! This time as a Barry Manilow tribute artist! Mike then decided to combine the two aspects together, and created a one man show called "Could It Be Magic!" (Barry Manilow wrote the song called "Could It Be Magic") the combination of Magic and Song was an instant hit and played both in this country & abroad. The show even played London's West End for a two week Christmas season again to much critical acclaim.

Mike also writes his own songs, both music and lyrics, and still performs to this day, when he has time! (which isn't so often, because he is just so busy with his Magic Studio!) Mike also creates many of his own Original tricks.

The Dream:

"When Mike was a young kid, he dreamed of a "MAGICAL SUPERSTORE".... that upon entering would fill him with excitement and wonderment.
A store so full of all things magical from around the world.
A finer place he would never find,
a place that existed in his dreams, ......... in his mind"

Until now! The "Magic Superstore" of Mike Danata's dreams is now your reality !!! .... Why dream any longer? live the dream TODAY by visiting Mike Danata's Magic Studio.
We have THOUSANDS of items in stock, and will always try to get any special items that you may require. If you ask for an opinion on a trick, we will always answer truthfully (even if it means we lose a sale). We would prefer to lose a sale than a customer.


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Telephone: From outside the UK +44 1202 391666       Email: info@mikedanatasmagicstudio.co.uk
Telephone Number 01202 391666